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About Us

What is Good For You TV?

Good For You TV is a hub of health and happiness, created by actress Claire Chitham and journalist Kylie Bailey. It's your place to access our latest news, tips and the info we've discovered from some of the most inspiring (and knowledgeable) people on the planet. Yep, we know there's an overwhelming amount of info out there about what we're all "meant to be doing" to live healthier lives. That's why our mission is to simplify all that for you. We'll figure it out together, ask lots of questions and make it easier for you to find ways to incorporate ideas that bring health, wealth, and happiness into your daily life (cos' it shouldn't be stressful right?!).

CLAIRE CHITHAM is inspired to live a healthier life because of an old disease she used to have. She doesn’t want to have one of those again. It sucks. So she’s gotta stay obsessed with this stuff, and figured she should share what she learns with others. It’d be rude not too. Sometimes she can be found acting up a storm on stage or TV, otherwise you’ll find her drinking a flat white after a Pilates class.

KYLIE BAILEY wants to make the world healthier, one kind word at a time. She’s got a way with words. She’s really good with them. Any communication really. She knows that what you put out is what you get back, so goodness, love and kindness it is people. Sometimes you’ll find her editing online content and writing up a storm, otherwise she’ll be sipping kombucha on her yoga mat.

We're the team behind GFU and we’re pleased to meet you. Hang out and chat to us. We love our GFU community and know that when we connect with others on any level, we all benefit in the end.