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Good Places To Eat

Want to find the healthiest restaurants and cafes to dine out at? We give the hot spots a taste test to find good places to eat from Auckland to Los Angeles.


Claire Chitham

All The Love: For the smoothy ‘n’ creamy coconut milk coffee from Dizengoff in Ponsonby

All The Love: For the smoothy ‘n’ creamy coconut milk coffee from Dizengoff in Ponsonby

We’re big fans of drinking dairy-free coffee, which is why we’ve been on a bit of a caffeine treasure hunt around Auckland cafes to discover (and taste) 10 of the best coconut milk coffees. The GFU crew travelled right around the isthmus from Ponsonby to Piha, Dizengoff to Kokako, all in search of the ultimate coconut milk espressos. The reason we chose to focus on coconut milk for this article? It’s the drop we both prefer in our morning cup o’ joe and we like to only recommend what we actually drink. 

Did you know that coffee (in moderation) is actually really good for you? Coffee gives you a boost of antioxidants and essential nutrients, protects your liver, improves performance and can help you live longer. This is because coffee is rich in a polyphenol called chlorogenic acid. Polyphenols are a group of naturally occurring micronutrients in plants and when we eat plants with these in them, we get the same health benefits. The cool thing about chlorogenic acid is is that it gets converted to caffeic acid and ferulic acid in the body. These potent antioxidants activate an enzyme responsible for longevity and have an anti-inflammation effect on the body. 

These are the 10 Auckland cafes we recommend for a cup of coconut milk coffee.

  1. Honey Bones, Grey Lynn - Tucked in the West Lynn shops on Richmond Rd, Honey Bones is a Grey Lynn cafe run by three friends and serving killer Supreme coffee with coconut milk. Their house smoked salmon is also amazing.

  2. The Piha Store, Piha - Drive as far West as the sun sets and, before your feet hit the black sands of Piha beach, get to the local store and grab an AllPress Espresso with Little Island coconut milk. If we want a real treat, we’ll ask for chocolate milk - mocha madness!

  3. Major Sprout, Auckland CBD - When we’re working in Auckland’s CBD this is our go-to spot. Major Sprout rocks a fantastic coconut milk coffee using coffee beans from Wellington wonders Flight Coffee. A sister to Dear Jervois in Herne Bay, they also serve up some pretty sweet smoothies, if you want a fruity blend. 

  4. Nomad, Pt Chev - West of the city lies Nomad, a local Pt Chev restaurant that also serves a mean, fatty, creamy coconut milk flat white using Supreme beans.

  5. Little Bird Organics, Ponsonby - When we head to yoga class, this is our go-to fuel spot. The coolest thing about Little Bird Organics coffee is that it’s served with homemade coconut and cashew milk. It’s real-deal nuts blended with filtered water and whizzed up for wholefood lovers. There’s a little grit from the nuts but that’s how you know it’s handmade!

  6. Kokako, Grey Lynn - Slamming down some of the best coffee in Auckland since forever, Kokako do an excellent organic brew of their own creation. Yep, these guys are coffee specialists and they know how to pair their beautiful beans with the creamiest coconut milk. Plus there’s usually good parking right outside.

  7. Dizengoff, Ponsonby - One of the most well-known brunch cafes in Auckland, Dizengoff in Ponsonby has been rocking since 1995 and is now serving coconut milk with its famous coffee made from Allpress Espresso. 

  8. Sip Kitchen, Mairangi Bay and Newmarket - If you’re dairy-free or gluten-free, Sip Kitchen is a great little find. Their first cafe opened in Mairangi Bay and two years ago, they opened a second premise in Newmarket. Sip Kitchen serve an excellent dairy-free brew with the option of either coconut milk, homemade cashew milk or almond milk. Delish!

  9. Big Sur, Grey Lynn - An all-time favourite of ours because the name reminds us of good travels up the California coast, Big Sur is a good spot to stop for a terrific takeaway coconut milk coffee with Supreme beans.

  10. Allpress Espresso, Ponsonby - Another best-in-the-business coffee roastery, Allpress Espresso’s flagship drop-in spot in Ponsonby has also recently started serving coconut milk flat whites with their famous crema.

Do you have a cafe in Auckland serving dairy-free coffee you love? Share what's #goodforyou and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can all discover it too!

Yours In Health and Happiness, CC and KB x