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Nutrition Blog

10 Ways To Use ACV... Every Single Day

Claire Chitham

Every Day Goodness: Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those awesome products you can use every day.

Every Day Goodness: Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those awesome products you can use every day.

There are so many health benefits to apple cider vinegar (ACV) - which is why we reckon this bottle of this liquid gold is a total pantry staple. The Good For You crew love ACV because there are so many apple cider vinegar benefits from helping our skin to glow to keeping our tummies and digestive system healthy and regular. We enjoy using ACV every day in a multitude of ways - from simple salad dressings to a refreshing apple cider vinegar drink that combines it with sparkling water. Here’s 10 good reasons to start using ACV every day.

1.   Improve your gut health + get rid of reflux
Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar a few times a day is one good-for-you natural remedy to improve your digestion and reduce acid reflux, which results when there’s too much acid in the stomach. It’s a good one for staying regular.

2.   Stop those sugar spikes
Drinking apple cider vinegar helps to lower blood sugar levels by moderating insulin. Many studies have shown it's effective for increasing insulin sensitivity when eating a high carbohydrate meal. So the next time you carbo-load, try this remedy.

3.   Get rid of joint pain
Mineral deficiencies can exacerbate joint pain and arthritis. Apple Cider Vinegar contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus and because it improves gut health, it helps you properly absorb the nutrients that you need. to combat the pain.

4.   Make a natural mouthwash
Apple cider vinegar’s multiple health benefits are because of its acetic acid content. A diluted version it is an effective natural mouthwash and gargling it can help to reduce bad breath.

5.   Get rid of the sniffles
Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties so it’s good for fighting infections. Gargling it is also a great way to ease a sore throat and help the body break up mucous. Just mix about one-third of a cup of ACV with warm water as needed.

6.   Calm acne + skin irritations
When you get a pimple just before that big night out or presentation,  a dab of apple cider vinegar overnight calms acne and skin irritations fast. Try applying a little directly to the irritated area or soak in a bath with one cup of vinegar added.

7.   Get shiny hair
In a bid to use natural-only products, we discovered apple cider vinegar is a great hair conditioner that makes your mane shine. Take an old shampoo bottle fill it with ½ tablespoon of ACV and 1 cup of cold water. Pour the solution through your hair after shampooing. Voila!

8.   Make a natural room freshener
Using ACV as a cleaner is a great way to detoxify your home and leave the bathroom smelling fresh. You can mix 1/2 cup of ACV with one cup of water and use the solution to clean kitchen surfaces, glasses and mirrors.

9.   De-Flea your pets
When summer hits, flea season is here and our pets in the Good For You crew are benefit from being sprayed with one part water and one part vinegar. You gotta be persistent and do it every day for a week but if you saturate the entire coat each time, it banishes those fleas!

10.  Enjoy an energy boost
Apple cider vinegar contains potassium and enzymes to help banish fatigue. Plus, its amino acids may help prevent the buildup of lactic acid in your body.

GFU Top Tip: Opt for a raw, unfiltered, organic brand from your local health food store (we love Bragg or Ceres Organics) because they contain “mother”. This is what makes apple cider vinegar a magic cure-all because “mother” contains proteins, enzymes and beneficial bacteria that give the vinegar a murky, cobweb-like appearance.

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