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Good Places To Play


Claire Chitham

Do Your Bit: Splore's sustainability manager Sophie Barclay on how to pre-cycle.

I have to confess. I’ve been enjoying a torrid, weekend-long love affair every summer since 2001. It involves dressing up, carousing and dancing - all while appreciating art, music and nature. And this lovely liaison leaves me revelling in so many delicious memories they last all the way until next year. What I’m talking about is… SPLORE

Taking place over three days in the ridiculously picturesque Tapapakanga Regional Park, just 72km south of Auckland on the Firth of Thames, Splore has been part of my NZ summer DNA ever since I experienced that first festival - thanks to my then-boyfriend (now-hubby). Nowhere in the world do I leave feeling more full of certainty about the goodness of mankind and the power we have as humans to unite together in the spirit of love, harmony and community than after Splore.


From the moment I step onto the Auckland festival site and pitch my tent (home for the duration of the event), life becomes a whole lot more colourful. Splore let’s you shake off the shackles of day-to-day existence and spend three days being a BIG KID (or you can bring the kids). It’s about meeting new people, swimming, dancing, dressing up and just being you.

For the past 10 years, we’ve camped with the same crew at Camp Freedom (our festival camp moniker) hosting first-timers, mums-to-be, babies, toddlers, kids… and even our parents. And, as we’ve grown up, Splore has too. 

Splore is now renowned globally not only for pumping good vibes, great music and awesome art but also for its zero waste policy. It’s amazing that 10,000 people can party for three days and literally leave no trace. But they do. Thanks to the festival's clever crew.

These sustainability initiatives are why Splore is known as this country's greenest festival and we’re stoked that once again, they’ve found even more new ways to help us live sustainably while on site. Single-use water bottles are now banned (‘cause plastic ain’t fantastic) as is aluminium-based glitter - bad for you and bad for the environment. Instead, festival goers can opt for biodegradable glitter that's good for our faces and the planet. Because everyone needs more sparkle in their life, right?

Splore takes place from Feb 23 - 25, 2018 at Tapapakanga Regional Park.  Keen on more info? Check out Splore

Yours In Health + Happiness, KB xx