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Yoga Blog


Claire Chitham


Love your weekly yoga class? Keen to take your yoga practice to the next level? It’s time to kick-start the process of regularly getting on the mat at home.

Did you know that it’s actually the yoga asanas and the practice you do between classes that will ultimately help your yoga support you more effectively (both physically and mentally. As Iyengar yoga expert Geeta Iyengar explains, "It is your practice that brings the secrets to you. No teacher can give you the secrets”.

That’s why we’ve put together the five essential asanas you need to kick-start a yoga practice at home. ‘Cause home practice is good for you!

The asanas in the video below are:

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana - downward dog. Best for beginners: We recommend you use blocks or a chair to provide height under the hands.

  2. Uttanasana - intense extension. Place the legs hip distance apart, feet one foot length in front of the wall, buttocks rest against the wall. Use blocks underneath the hands to extend the spine off the legs.

  3. Prasarita Padottanasana - .Take the legs wide, toes facing forward, hands under shoulders, use blocks as support under hands.

  4. Supta Virasana - Take support as needed. Best for beginners: Use a chair as support for the back, a bolster or cushion for the head and sit with the top of the ankles either side of a foam block.

  5. Viparita Karani - bolster for support under lumbar (lower back), legs straight up the wall, feet flexed, take a blanket for support under the head and rest here for at least five - 10 minutes. To bring the focus further inwards, place a strap across the eyes to block out the light.

Kylie shares the five yoga asanas to kick-start a home practice. Organic cotton threads by We’ar. Props and mat from Yoga Arts.